rk mission


The RK Mission is a committed to help create a healthier future in consumer products. Six years ago, I started manufacturing All Natural & Organic products after realizing the detrimental effects chemical toxins have on the immunological system of the body and ecological system of our planet, as well how overwhelmingly chemical-laden and impure most products are, and how few truly natural products were available to the consumer.

My Mission is to create and offer the most natural, living and healing products. I pledge to advocate for the creation of these products, and to educate consumers about unhealthy products and the risks associated with them. I hope to help people achieve greater health and well-being.

My standards of quality state: I do not use artificial fragrance, color, preservatives, petro bases, alcohols, sodium laurel/laureth sulfates or any chemicals. I use only 100% natural and organic ingredients to accompany the volcanic minerals, to provide exceptional products with unsurpassed and unforgettable results.

I am proud to say that during my six years I have provided quality products to many customers and in return I have gained their trust and loyalty. This has been possible due to the phenomenal results of my products and the passion I have for creating them. I have great confidence in RK Skincare and it’s integrity. I am honored and humbled to have so many devoted and enthusiastic customers and I pledge to help create a healthier future for humanity and the planet. I look forward to providing natural and organic products for your health, beauty and well-being.

Rozbeh Kashani

Rozbeh Kashani is a natural formulaist in Sedona, Arizona and it is here in this mystical land he creates one of a kind products. RK Skincare are unique products that heal, cleanse and purify the skin. Using RK Skincare will help to pull out impurities and place minerals, vitamins and nutrients into the body. Thus resulting in radiant skin, a healthier body and an unforgettable experience.

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