A Persian descendant, Rozbeh was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to the United States with his family when he was two years old. Growing up, Rozbeh was drawn to nature and felt disconnected from commercialism and the modern world. Feeling acutely sensitive to modern world, he felt more comfortable spending a great deal of time in sustaining a deep oneness with nature. From the beginning, the wisdom and beauty of nature strongly attracted him and he set out to spend his life learning about Nature, its ancient secrets and natural remedies.

As a young man, he was captivated by Shamanism and keen to research the ancient sciences. He learned how ancient shaman’s lived in harmony with nature and how they cultivated natural cures for the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Inspired by the lives of ancient shaman‘s, Rozbeh decided to go on his own journey and discover the secrets that reside in Nature.

After discovering this sacred site, Rozbeh combined all his knowledge and research to create his one of a kind products with high spiritual integrity. Rozbeh creates in the purest of environments with the purest of ingredients. It is a process of hand-crafting unique blends with the finest collection of plants, herbs, flowers and minerals. All formulas are specially crafted with healing crystals and the continuous playing of harmonic sound frequencies. Each formula is created to provide optimal results and an unforgettable experience.

The deep passion that Rozbeh has is expressed through his products and the vast information he provides about natural living. He uses his skills to provide products that are harmless to the planet, from the biodegradable packaging to the all natural and organic ingredients. With his immense love for people and nature, along with his innovative formulas Rozbeh hopes to be a pioneer in his field and hopes to set new grounds and breakthroughs in the health and beauty industry. 

Currently, Rozbeh lives in the mystical red rock country of Sedona, Arizona and it is where he creates his products.

Rozbeh Kashani is a natural formulaist in Sedona, Arizona and it is here in this mystical land he creates one of a kind products. RK Skincare are unique products that heal, cleanse and purify the skin. Using RK Skincare will help to pull out impurities and place minerals, vitamins and nutrients into the body. Thus resulting in radiant skin, a healthier body and an unforgettable experience.

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